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Durante la homilía, también explica que hay que dejar en el pasado las historias de postergación y sometimiento y puso como ejemplo el comportamiento de José con María, en el seno del hogar de Jesús, que ““la nobleza del corazón de José le hace supeditar a la caridad lo aprendido por ley; y hoy, en este mundo donde la violencia psicológica, verbal y física sobre la mujer es patente, José se presenta como figura de varón respetuoso, delicado que, aún no teniendo toda la información, se decide por la fama, dignidad y vida de María.Y, en su duda por cómo hacer lo mejor, Dios lo ayudó a optar iluminando su juicio” Mañana, de nueva cuenta, conmemoramos el Día que invita a no ejercer la violencia contra las mujeres.This currently showing body of work, inspired chiefly by his residing on the shores of Richmond Pond, is very aquatic in nature.Hints of sun-sparkled water and teaming underwater life infuse this intricate, multi-layered work.

Kudos to curator Aziz Sohail, the Office of Cultural Development (City of Pittsfield), the Whitney Center, and all others involved in bringing together this impressive undertaking.Berg’s “The Alphabet of Vibration”® is quite an impressive project, bringing the 22 core letters of the Hebrew alphabet, plus her vision of the “missing 23rd” letter, to paper in mandala form.The original work is radiantly painted using gauche and metallic paints on 8”x8” watercolor paper.In addition to the work in Brenda’s, Nesis is also displaying fine examples from his archives in neighboring Depot Street venue Baba Louie’s. Further up Pittsfield’s main thoroughfare, we came to Steven Valenti’s iconic men’s clothing store and the work of oil painter Marion Grant.Grant has attained a nice measure of regional renown with the traditional and understated elegance of her pensive still life paintings.

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    Difficulty expressing anger, lack of direction and goals, reacting passively to adverse circumstances, difficulty responding appropriately to important life events, lack of social skills, lack of desire for sexual experiences, forming few friendships, dating infrequently, often not marrying, occupational functioning often impaired (American Psychiatric Association, pp. Brief psychotic episodes, Delusional Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia (American Psychiatric Association, pg. Dysthymic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia (Gunderson & Philips, pg. "Retrospective assessment suggests that patients with schizoid personality disorder often have histories of grossly inadequate, cold, or neglectful early parenting, which often began early in life. Beck, Arthur Freeman, and associates (1990) list typical beliefs associated with each specific personality disorder.