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There is a setting that tells Windows to process Group Policy synchronously.Group Policy is a complicated infrastructure that enables you to apply policy settings to remotely configure a computer and user experience within a domain.So just gotta get the other GPs to update, tried updating on the clients anyway but didnot work The Default Domain Controller Policy only affects Domain Controllers, it won't affect any other systems. I can change the Folder Option item for example, then run gpupdate /force on the client, and it takes effect immediately, or log off the client and log back on. Using just the the GPO took effect but had to logoff user gpupdate /force didnt work, but this included the administrator and the managers user account.

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You have to disable it first, then you can set it to not defined once all the clients have been updated.

The cause for this problem could be that Group Policy Objects (GPOs) are processed asynchronously, by default.

This means that processing occurs while Windows is still working on presenting the logon screen.

From this forum I found Group Policy Mangement and have been using it since, applying the odd policy, but without having changed any setting the latest policies I have created are not taking an effect.

ive use gpudate and gpudate /force and restarted the server but there arent taking effect, could some point me in the right direction as to what might be causing this?

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