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This practical book by the authors of Womanetics is a guide to confidence that women can use at any age or stage to achieve transformative results in their professions.The principles are based on cutting-edge research in genetics, gender, cognition, and behavior.The heart of Dolores' story is the actions she takes when her drunk, abusive husband rapes their young daughter.It's a chilling book but showcases the resilience of women, even those trapped in unbearable circumstances, in a really powerful way.It depicts adult relationships in a very realistic but still interesting, way — and the character of Holly, the older girl, is fascinating. Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble and Coming of Age In The Bronx by Adrian Nicole Le Blanc This sprawling reported nonfiction book is so absorbing that you'll forget about all your problems.Le Blanc, a journalist, captures the tiniest aspects of the lives of two teenage Puerto Rican girls as they grow up in a bad neighborhood, have kids young, and one ends up in prison for working as a mill girl for her flashy heroin-dealing boyfriend.

It's snappy and fun to read, and the final story will remind you that men need to realize they're assholes before they become non-assholes, which sometimes takes awhile. That's the guy I've chased my whole life, killing myself trying to show him how fabulous I am.

Read her Cedar Cove books those are the best, there are 6 out to date and the next is due in Sep. YESAnything by these two authors, Mercedes Lackey - especially her Valdimar series and Marion Zimmer Bradley's (MZB) Darkover series are incredible.

I've read MZB's Avalon Series, and many women love them. One of the best things about MZB's books are that she created a fictional world, then wrote a huge # of wonderful books (with many strong female character in them) within that world, but unlike the perennial trilogies that are out there in fantasy land, you can read them in almost any order.

I wonder how many guys from my generation looked to Kermit as an example of what the coolest guy in the room looks like.

How maybe they think it's fine to defer the advances of the fabulous women they know will always be there, while they dreamily pursue creative endeavors and dabble with other contenders." ), you also look back at the 1998 scandal in a totally different way than you might have.

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