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The fact is, Facebook is unstoppable, so there's no point in talking about policing it, censoring it or shutting it down. Look at the sheer volume of stuff - more than five billion pieces of content, web links, news stories, blog posts and photos, are shared on the site worldwide each week.How do you sift through a tsunami of trivia like that?Innocent, normal kids who took their lives after being bullied on social networking sites. My flippant remarks about the downside of Facebook provoked a huge debate.Some accused me of being a fuddy-duddy, the cyber equivalent of a grumpy old woman.Clearly, this is impossible - so the system relies on users making complaints.And if those users are already lying about their age and their sex and creating cyber versions of their personalities that bear very little resemblance to the real teenager or middle-aged paedophile, then it's expecting a lot from this motley army of users suddenly to morph into responsible net police, online Mr Plods who will spend time ratting on their mates for posting pictures of themselves holding guns, knives, or pictures of their naughty bits.

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A year ago, I wrote 'Life's definitely too short to log on to Facebook'.

The firm told me: 'Facebook is based on a real-name culture - it is a violation of our policies to use a fake name or operate under a false identity - and we encourage people to report anyone they think is doing this.

Facebook is highly self-regulating.' Yet the site has refused to place the CEOP (the Child Exploitation And Online Protection Centre) warning button on their pages - claiming that their own system works more efficiently.

The most important thing to remember about young people using the internet is that they have little privacy in the real world.

Adolescents need a haven to escape to - and the internet provides the perfect place to set your own rules and talk to your chosen circle of confidants in a secret language.

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