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An early Coalbrookdale Willcox & Gibbs Hand crank assembly.This however does not explain the uniformity of the scallops, unless all the damage occurred in the same places each time.This would make todays price of a W&G machine the equivalent of around ,000..Among those who worked on Willcox and Gibbs machines at the Brown and Sharpe factory was one Henry Leland who was in charge of the sewing-machine assembly department from 1878 until 1890.

The Model B Willcox & Gibbs had a scrolled base but little else was different. Because he had only seen the top half of the Grover & Baker sewing machine he had to imagine how the bottom would work.In Washington he ploughed the streets, shows and fairs looking to see if anyone had a machine similar to his.The 1860 Gibbs chainstitch I have to say that on his early machines there are at least five patent dates that pre-date his.I was told that although old, these machines were in daily use making straw hats for the locals.His new home was called Raphine Hall after his old friend that that started it all, the needle.

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