Fugitive turns up on tv dating show

But her luck takes an incredibly bad turn when she and Blake go to a rave to celebrate Blake getting into college, and Blake meets a mysterious older man who kills her by slipping her an overdose of a date rape drug.

What's even worse is that this man then attacks Holly and frames her for the crime!

The first three seasons were filmed in black and white, while the final one was in color. Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice. freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the police lieutenant obsessed with his capture.

The series premise was set up in the opening narration, but the full details about the crime were not offered in the pilot episode; at the time of the pilot, Kimble has been on the run for six months, having exhausted all of his appeals against his death sentence. Falsely convicted for the murder of his wife...reprieved by fate when a train wreck freed him en route to the death house... It was not until episode 14, "The Girl from Little Egypt," that viewers were offered the full details of Richard Kimble's plight.

Holly Hamilton is a fearsomely independent teenage girl who is always helping the people she cares about, often using her expert computer hacking skills to do so: whether it's hacking into a college database to see if her best friend Blake got an early acceptance, or by defrauding a health insurance corporation to help her very sick grandmother get a kidney transplant.

She's not afraid to break the law a little, as long as it means helping someone she loves.

The audience makes an immediate connection with Holly, our lead heroine played with fierce intensity by Marie Avgeropoulos.

Once the inciting incident occurs as Holly is accused of her friend's drug murder, we're off and running on a roller coaster ride as she tries to evade her pursuers and find the truth.

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"It combines the suspense of a crime drama with the thrill of a competition reality series and some very topical social issues."The reality show is being adapted from a British series of the same name, which premiered only a few weeks ago to strong ratings.And because of Holly's less than lawful behavior in the past, the cops are convinced that she is responsible for her best friend's death.But then one day, while she is getting transferred to juvenile hall, a breakout attempt happens ...I was pleasantly surprised at how unpredictable and fun this film was.The smart writing and well done execution puts you right in the middle of all the action.

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