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What happens when you take an ancient Polish capital, fill it to the brim with cafs, bars and clubs, mix in roughly 120,000 students and then shake this up with a generous measure of ex-pats and young tourists on holiday?

The explosive cocktail that is Krakow's nightlife: that's what!

If Krakow isn't short of a bar or two (about two hundred in total by all accounts), then you don't have to go very much further to find a club.

The roads leading onto the main square are chock full of doorways, which, unnoticed during the day, sprout big burly doorman at night and entice you in with the powerful thump of a familiar bass-line.

One more thing you should remember about Krakow's nightlife is that it is heavily influenced by the seasons.But then again why not chill out in the relaxing confines of the Budda Drink and Garden, or watch the world go by from any of the many cafs in the main square?When it comes to drinking this city simply spoils you for choice!There's a second room for hip-hop, and usually the entire place is ram-packed from Thursday to Saturday, whilst Goraczka next door plays cheesy party music and is lively every night of the week, even on Sundays (and if all the good girls are at church that leaves only the bad girls, right? Whereas you can enjoy full-scale carnage at any of the above if (like the author of this guide!) you are a something of a 'club snob', then don't despair - there are a few genuinely great places in Krakow hosting serious music nights for the more discerning party-goer.

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