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I responded, appalled by this stranger's pretentious attitude and yet wanting to find out about the audio file: Excuse me??? A moment later, I got another response, although this time it was a Snapchat picture: This was even more shocking than the audio. Christina always wore her hair in pigtails or a ponytail, dressed conservatively and got great marks; Tamara, on the other hand, was a stuck-up bitch, like her mother, who dressed like a slut and got by in school on her looks. " "No," I said, my head already spinning with the revelations of the audio and first photo. I also have a few photos, including the one you saw with Mom and another of your daughter dyking out at the theatre, which started all this." "Bullshit," I said, still grasping at straws that my daughter was not a willing participant.

My daughter was bent over a table, getting fucked by Miranda Wellington, the richest woman and biggest bitch in the community and my arch enemy. Another text followed, just as the photo disappeared into oblivion: Did you know your daughter was a lesbian fuck slut? Instead, I questioned, "Why did your bitch of a mother rape my daughter? "You're so adorable in your pretentious naivety." "What the hell does that even mean? Suddenly, she pushed me onto the ground and before I could even attempt to fight back, she straddled my chest. "Like I said," she continued, her voice back to normal, "You're daughter was already an eager cunt-licking slut before she submitted to me and Mom." "I don't believe you," I said tentatively.

"Do you want my cock in that ass of yours, ass slut? "God, yes," a reply came, this time I instantly recognized the voice as coming from my eighteen year old daughter Christina. "Oh please, Mistress, fuck my ass," she begged, "I want it sooooo bad." The audio ended there and I sat in my car wondering who could possibly have sent it.

"No, but you're my pet," she corrected, putting her foot to my mouth.It was an audio file, and although it was a blocked number, I clicked on the file out of curiosity: "That's it, ass slut, suck my big cock, get it nice and ready for that tight asshole of yours," a voice said. Such words would have shocked me no matter who said them, but the voice behind the derogatory words were that of a female...which confused me.The voice continued, "You will make a great addition to our girls' club, slut." The voice was vaguely familiar...although I couldn't place it."Stop," I demanded, moving my face away from her foot. "Go ahead, my pet, I know you want to," she said, looking down at me."Suck my toes," Tamara ordered, moving her foot back to my mouth. "You're a little more stubborn than your slut daughter," she smirked, putting her foot back in my face. "Plus, it's either obey or allow your daughter to become an internet sensation." "You're a fucking bitch," I snapped, seething.

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