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Ropes appeared from somewhere, and Pepper was manually held in place as the ropes began snugging against her skin. Pepper was shaking her head 'no' meaning 'stop' as Tom peered inside her. "She's also shaking her head no, confirming that she's not a virgin." Pepper made an exasperated snort through her nose, and rested her head back on the bench, her mortification kicked up several notches. Well, we're going to take your ego down several pegs, bitch. They were stroking her arms and legs, kissing her neck, cupping her tits, and thumbing her nipples.When the tying was complete, Pepper was on the bench face up, with her arms stretched up above her head, and her thighs were parted, with her legs secured down near the floor by the other end of the bench. Somehow, this act of clearing a space around her emphasized her nudity – made her much more aware of it, and the fact that she was on display for everyone. Tom, still peering inside her, went on to say, "In fact, from the looks of this vagina, I'd estimate that it's seen a lot of sexual activity." The room erupted in more catcalls. Those nipples were responding, rising up, as other hands rubbed her tummy and mound. Her college football team, the Golden Tigers, had mauled their opponents for the last 6 games.But she was taking this opportunity to 'lord it over' her opposite number. Our team will stomp all over them, and leave them bawling like babies! " The raven-haired beauty shoved an errant bang away from her eyes and hissed, "You wanna make a bet about the game's outcome? We'd be tossed off our squads, regardless of who wins," Pepper whispered urgently. I've got something better in mind," Betsy whispered back. I know we're gonna win," Pepper remained speaking in a whisper, since Betsy's face was so close, but the tone of the whisper was still a heated confrontation.With each snap, the Tigers struggled toward the goal, making certain to be driven out of bounds to stop the clock. The distance was a simple chip shot for their kicker, although the ball being set near the hash mark made it a bad angle. In fact, you also forfeited your clothes, as well." Turning to her cheerleaders, she demanded, "Ladies, help her get undressed." To the two players nearest Pepper, she said, "Guys, cut the zip tie. As she started to struggle, other huge hands grabbed her hips, pinning her in place.Used carefully, passes either moved them closer, or, being incomplete, also stopped the clock. The cheerleaders had surged forward, and were gleefully peeling her clothes off."I notice you said 'if' my team wins, and 'when' your team wins, you skank! That game couldn't end soon enough, now, for either of them. There was no one near them, so she yanked her hand free from Betsy's and ran! She just shook her head, sadly, and watched Pepper disappearing around a corner. "I'd have given Brian the best head of his life, if I'd lost. Oh well." She began walking toward the team's locker room, to spread the word.

Doing that, You support the project which gives us a possibility to make it better and more convenient for you!Pepper shouted with relief as the Tigers recovered the fumble. Betsy's cheerleaders, mingled among the players, were still dressed in their skimpy outfits. "Well, that's just too bad," Betsy informed her, correctly interpreting Pepper's nodding, if not her words.Masterfully, the Tiger quarterback drove his team toward the Mustang goal line, keeping an eye on the clock. She looked back at Betsy, and nodded, pleading with her eyes. "You forfeited that chance when you tried to run away, rather than honoring our deal. But hold onto her, until we get her stripped and secured." Pepper felt the zip tie holding her wrists together part, and strong hands seizing her arms and wrists.The entire student bodies despised the other school with a vengeance. Stunned, she was looking up into the face of one of the Silver Mustang linesmen, as she heard a 'zzzzzztt' sound as something pressed her wrists together.Such are college rivalries, built up over the decades. You lost, fair and square, and it's 'pay up' time for you. Mark worked hard for his reward, and knowing that you now owe him a blow job is probably making him harder. As she tugged at what was a zip tie at her wrists, her mouth formed into an 'O' of surprise and was immediately filled as a hand pressed a soft material inside.

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