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She shoots you a glance and cannot fail to notice your bare tits under your top before looking back at me.As her eyes meet mine, I slide my seat slowly back and my now fully erect cock comes into sight.You continue to eat your salad, staring into my eyes as you gently massage your pussy with one hand and rub against my dick with your foot. There is a passageway at the back with doors off to the Gents and Ladies restrooms. Pushing me up against the wall you press your mouth to mine in a hungry kiss.I desperately want to get down and look under the table, but I don't need to look to know you are complying. I take a guess on Ladies and push confidently through the door. Your tongue is winding urgently round mine as you pull my face hard against yours.No sooner has she left than you reach out and put two large dice down on the table between us. Whoever throws the higher number can give the other a dare that they must complete without hesitation. I can see your nipples trying to push their way through the fabric and I feel my dick starting to wake up. Time to get it out." Without hesitating I reach down, unzip my fly and pull my dick out of my pants.

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After a short while you put one foot back on the floor, but leave the other in my lap, nestling against my prick.By the time she reaches us, my cock is standing up straight like a flagpole.As she places the salads in front of us, Michelle spots the bra and panties lying on the table.You lean to one side and pull back the white tablecloth to be able to look under the table and confirm I have complied with the request. Michelle is delivering drinks to another table, but she has our salads on her tray and will be with us shortly. Her tailored black trousers are narrow and tight around her thighs suggesting shapely legs and showing off a firm ass that sways from side to side as she walks.The next round is a tie with us both rolling a two. You tell me I have to show her my dick as my forfeit. I am nervous as I have no idea how she will react to what I am about to do but also very turned on by the idea of flashing a stranger.

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