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Susie watched and listened as she did every time she was at home.

There was something pleasing about watching her sister at first just gasp but then cry and kick her legs and squirm as the spanking gathered pace and the wooden backed paddle hairbrush was used.

Sandra berated Lisa for breaking her favourite vase last night and Lisa knew she had been silly.

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most infact all the die hard feminist i have had the "pleasure" of making acquaintance with, there ultimate goal has been female isnt that just as wrong as male supperiority shouldn't the ultimate goal of society be to throw down your differences and have a society of equals not superiors.Sorry about that rant but feminism really gets to me.Equally Susie happily enjoyed watching her younger sister suffer knowing she had actually asked her Mum to punish her.Sandra spanked Lisa’s bottom for some fifteen minutes before picking up the hairbrush which she used to splatter spanks across Lisa’s already stinging bottom.

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