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They will come to you, and they will kill you.”Firstly, let’s state the obvious. It probably played on Jakob’s mind for the rest of the day, and deeply unnerved him. The average entry level call center salary in India is about 0.Nobody is going to kill Jakob, especially not for winding up a tech support scammer. Now, suppose they’re working four, forty hour weeks.The scammer Holzman dealt with tried to open the Sys Key utility and set a system password.This would have prevented him from booting into his computer. I genuinely believe that it’s inherently self-destructive to get riled up, and angry.

Could software cause physical damage to your computer?

I genuinely believe that instead of picking a fight, you should just let it slide and move on.

I genuinely think that picking a fight with a phone scammer is a bad idea, and you should just hang up.

Often, those doing the trolling will grant them access to a virtual machine that had been especially set up for that reason.

These are, as the name suggests, virtual computers that run on top of an existing, real computer.

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