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6 months after we got married she got pregnant and our sex life was none! While we were dating she's wear short skirts and Bikinis and she had such a great boddy! She was beautiful, After she got pregnant, she neglected her self and gained 60 pounds in the WRONG places!

But I still loved her, she just didn't fill like fucking. I'd begggg her to wear a Mini skirt or a Bikini & she's tell me NO WAY!

I walked around to get a better sshot and here she was setting at the Corner machine, Drinking a Mixed Drink and playing like she didn't see this young stud!

Every so often she'd bend over to show a little Cleavage and at the same time she's spread her legs to reveal a little panty shot!

WOW either she didn't realize what she was doing, or she was getting turned on!

I walked awaay for a while and when I tried to find her again, she just came oyut of the bathroom and There was something different about her!

Here she was checking out the guys and every chance, she would flash a Leg shot!

I started to get a Tremendious Hard on, I couldn't believe it, I was getting turned on, watching my Very Timid Wife, flashing a Young guy!The shortest thing she would wear was her Denim Skirt and it was only about 2 inches above her beautiful knees!BUT one day, we went to Atlantic City, I never bothered asking her to take a Bikini with her, she hasn't worn one for years!Insane Thai porn with gorgeous teens avid for cock and willing to do anything for pleasure.A complete section with endless movies and smashing scenes of real Thai amateur porn.

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