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It narrowly missed and collided with a glass window above his head.

The event was described to Business Insider by four former employees.

As journalists, we like to talk the talk about serving the greater good - and there's little doubt that some journalism does serve very noble causes - but the reality of journalism for anyone except those working for a public broadcaster is that ultimately the ads pay the bills, which means that they pay the salaries.

When ad-blocking applications themselves offer to whitelist publishers in return for payment, it's also hard not to come to the conclusion that they're operating something of a protection racket as well, although this does ignore user intent to a great extent.

When I started as a writer in the '90s, the magazine I worked for had an editorial team of about 15 people, plus magazine production staff.

That title is still published today, with an editorial staff of no more than three people handling all tasks, and publishing two monthly magazines.

You can always go down the affiliate purchases path (and to be clear, my current employer works on this exact basis) but that's not a model without its own challenges.

Equally there's the Patreon model where those exceptionally happy with content supply ongoing funds, but that tends to favour the famous, and isn't suitable for every type of journalism anyway.

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Strangely, I don't seem to need to know one neat trick to erase wrinkles, or where the "frisky" singles in my area are. I'll never know, because I don't want those advertisements in the way of the content I want to consume.

Nardone shouted and swore at Osmond before squaring up to him as if he was about to do something more, two former employees said.

At this point, Nardone's Italian father, Remo Nardone — a man in his 80s and Fling's biggest investor — stepped in to try to cool the situation down, one of the employees said. He swore at his father before hurling a Pret a Manger baguette in his direction.

The online world has disrupted plenty of industries, from public transport (think taxis v Uber) to traditional retail (Amazon versus... At the same time, the role of responsible journalism across multiple interest types and niches is an important one, and simply allowing it to wither away is a worrying prospect.

Whoever can figure out either the right ads balance, or a new method that serves both sides of the equation equally stands to do very well - if they last that long.

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