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Managers of public lands within the core reserves include: Additionally, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection will be asked to participate as a technical advisor on fire management issues.

The RCHCA will work with each of the core reserve managers to develop and implement SKR management plans.

To meet the requirements specified in the California and federal ESA's for the incidental and management take authorizations it seeks, the RCHCA has prepared this HCP which identifies how the impacts of SKR incidental take will be minimized, mitigated, and monitored, and the degree to which the species' persistence in the plan area will be ensured.

The establishment, completion, expansion, and management of the core reserves defined in Chapter 5.

In order to complete the reserves designated herein, the RCHCA will acquire or otherwise assure the conservation of private properties remaining in the reserves.

The core reserves will be expanded through a program involving trade of federal lands managed by BLM.

Ongoing management programs for SKR will be extended to encompass all lands acquired or otherwise conserved by the RCHCA within the context of this HCP.To date, the RCHCA has expended more than million to acquire land for the SKR core reserves.That investment has been combined with interagency agreements to ensure the establishment of a regional reserve system for the SKR.In order to coordinate habitat management and biological monitoring activities among the individual core reserves, the RCHCA will establish a Reserve Managers Coordinating Committee (RMCC).Members of the RMCC will include one representative each from those agencies responsible for land management in the core reserves, as well as representatives of the RCHCA, CDFG, USFWS, and the University of California Cooperative Extension.

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