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The early part of his childhood was shaped by his family's lack of money.

But the anger and edginess of Durst's own personality also made him a fan of hardcore punk, a musical genre that would prove to have the greatest impact on the future musician's career.Failing to find work after graduating from Hunter Huss High School, Durst signed on with the Navy, spending a couple of years in military service before returning to Jacksonville and landing a job as a tattoo artist.Harboring dreams of making it in the music world, Durst began collaborating with a trio of local musicians: Sam Rivers, John Otto (Durst's cousin) and Wes Borland. The group became a fixture in the Jacksonville music scene, eventually earning the notice of nu-metal band Korn, a relationship that helped propel the young group to release its first demo, a three-song collection called , a game changer of an album for the group, which included the Top 10 singles "Re-arranged" and "Nookie." Over the next several years, Limp Bizkit emerged as one of music's most popular bands, successfully bringing together elements of hip-hop and metal.In 2005, the band weathered another blow when a sex tape featuring Durst was posted online.Between the band members' personal struggles and Bizkit's sagging record sales, the group decided in 2005 to take a hiatus.

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