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But because we’re so used to religion being combined with orthodoxy and repression, the people on the left aren’t really saying, “Hey, we stand for something too. I was curious how you view your philosophical differences around filmmaking and the male and female gaze?

Well, there’s Emily Nussbaum, and there’s Jenji Kohan.

For people who have had access to that class and to those men, and have had the blessings of those men — white supremacy, patriarchy — those things aren’t obvious. I don’t want to start a fight over whether or not cis people can write trans people, or white people can write black people. And if you have privilege, shouldn’t you use it to try to open up the ranks a little bit?

I think about how something like television or film is so relational: It’s based on these relationships that you have with actors, crew members, writers, and directors.

I guess I want to hold space for the possibility of a reform or reconstructionist or revivalist or a reinvention of a Jewish identity that could also take up space in politics.

In the same way that Trump is our president and will openly act like it’s his Christian mission to protect people against a Muslim threat.

So we had to encounter Palestine in a way that the Pfeffermans would.

And the way that Ali would, which was starting as a tourist, and like, “Oh, I met this person. I’m interested in this person, now I’m learning about the conflict.” We actually kept Ali a little bit more innocent so that she could be a little bit more surprised. The simplest thing I can say — and this is true of America as well — is what we’re looking at is a fundamentalist, orthodox religious government.

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Even if I do believe in principle that one person can write a different perspective from their own, if you have created a culture where there is only one group of people producing the work, then what’s really produced?I was just like, “How come Jay [Duplass] doesn’t have any makeup on? It’s a weird place for me, because I was probably somebody as recently as five years ago, who would’ve have been saying, “women’s group, women’s meeting, women’s event, all-women event.” Then, you know, I think people move to things like “women and non-gender-conforming people,” and you just start to wonder what the word Right. The gender categories just don’t serve anybody, and all of the various awards organizations were set up to serve a particular idea. There’d have to be a 100 years of women making television and then it might be fair in the middle. , Ali experiences a similar discomfort around identifying as female. We have a lot of gender-nonconforming people and people who identify as nonbinary. Shockingly, there are tons of people who aren’t deeply aware of the conflict.I just don’t want women not to be getting awards anymore. White supremacy and patriarchy — again these words are natural for us — but for other people, they read that and they go, “That’s academia,” and it’s like, No, it’s like naming the air. Did these conversations inform her journey this season? It’s hard to tell when you’re working on a show like what comes first, because it’s always rolling. ”Yeah, I mean we got close to giving them the “they” pronouns at the end when the family was talking about it, so maybe season five we’re going to start saying they for Ali. Sometimes, but really everybody is a stand-in for me. There’s this thing that I would do when I would talk about the way men stand. Like, sticking your stomach out and being like, “Yeah, I’m a guy.” I love Mario. Yeah, and what it means for a woman who grew up with an anorexic psychological profile when we connect that with her feeling like a bad girl, like a wrong girl, and all of her shame. I really relate to that horror of being a woman and growing up having to control your appetite to succeed at being a woman. There are a lot of Jewish people who will still talk about Israel as, like, our happy-go-lucky homeland.We run into similar things with trans stories, where this is a story about a family, there are five characters, we want to tell Davina’s story.Sometimes it’s told through Maura’s point of view as Maura’s roommate, and sometimes that feels like it works and sometimes it feels inappropriate.

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