Facebook friending etiquette dating

Because, you can seriously balls things up if you get it wrong.

So, when is it acceptable to add them as a friend on Facebook? And why does this small thing freak the absolute bejesus out of us? Or, if his account is private (admit it, you’ve totally checked out his pics already), does it mean that he’s hiding a wife/pet tarantula/sock fetish somewhere? The fact is, in a society that’s made social media it’s main focus, especially in the dating world, it's essential that we know the etiquette surrounding it.

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By liking interest "Ubuntu" you IMHO already admitted that people who also like Ubuntu aren't 100% strangers for you.You can see exactly what they are up to, where they are, and who they are doing it with.It is better for your own sanity though to try and stay clear when it's still such early days.If you are single and you find someone you like on Linked In, it's a better tactic to see if you can reach out to them on another social site instead.’ Is it best to leave out social media altogether in the beginning stages of a relationship?‘Everyone does a little social media research now and again, purely because information is so readily available.

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