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A detective describes the account of an alleged victim known as Nick as 'credible and true'.

The home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor is searched by detectives from Operation Midland.

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Nick went to police with the allegations in 2014 and ended up giving more than 70 hours of videotaped evidence, in which he claimed his stepfather farmed him out to a cabal of VIP paedophiles and, for the next decade, he was regularly abused.

As it is, Narelle, like Caroline, knows only the sparsest of details about the person who gave her life, after her mother and the man she long thought was her father were unable to conceive naturally.

Narelle's student donor was brown-eyed, brown-haired and 5ft 7in,and would have been paid a relatively small sum.

The act will have been brief, impersonal and utterly bereft of emotion - but 25 years on, the moment that Caroline Halstead was conceived is causing her lasting heartache.

For she was fathered by an anonymous sperm donor and, like a growing number conceived in this way, she has struggled to come to terms with the fact that she is the product of a scientific process rather than a loving union.

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