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A cab driver and a resident also called 911, both saying they saw two men unconscious in the street.

Jones, Revis' initial attorney, said Thursday that the cornerback was "physically assaulted while at the location by a group of at least five people" and was a "victim in all of this." One of the NFL's most accomplished players, Revis is facing an uncertain future with the Jets.

Cousins confronted Revis, who acknowledged his identity.

At that point, Cousins began recording video on his cellphone and continued to follow the NFL star."At some point, Revis snatched the cellphone away and attempted to delete the video," the police statement said. The other two men told police they "were punched, then remember waking up to talk to police."A witness, Nathan Watt, told police that Revis approached Watt after Cousins and Jarvis were knocked out.

Three calls were placed to 911, including one from Cousins.

One 25-year-old woman was born into a Muslim family and told The Feed she wants to leave the religion, but fears she would be disowned or 'worst case ... The 25-year-old claims she has not drunk alcohol, listened to music, felt wind on her skin, watched movies, dated or danced. The woman said she had been physically abused by her parents and was forced to practice the religion while honor killings and sexual assault were also common.'I couldn't understand how Islam was teaching me to hate myself, finding this secret group of ex-Muslims saved my life, literally,' the 25-year-old said.

The network acts as a support group for people in the process of turning against their beliefs, keeping everything confidential so families and friends don't find out.

Acknowledging that the department been accused of dropping the ball, Sheriff Normand insisted that Gasser was released because in the state of Louisiana, 'there are some relative statutes that provide defenses to certain crimes.' 'This investigation is not going to be moved, influenced, coerced or changed in any way by any external force, comments or otherwise,' he said.

'I can't control what's on the social networks, and if we want to be silly, that's fine.'Kyle Williams, who used to play with Mc Knight at the Chiefs, wrote, wrote: 'This is some bulls***!!! ' Incensed: Antonio Cromartie accused Glasser of murdering his former Jets teammate and was furious that the police department released him without charge; the claim that he stood over and murdered him has however been denied Stung: Antonio Cromartie (pictured in Jets Uniform in 2012) was clearly affected by the death of Mc Knight, retweeting lots of tributes on Thursday before making his feelings known about the release Friday The head coach Chris Jones released a statement saying: 'We are shocked to hear the news of Joe's sudden passing.

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