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Divided Core Swirls have, as the name indicated, a core comprised of separated bands.

There will be at least three and as many as six bands.

Like Latticinio Swirls, the base glass is almost always colorless, though on rare occasions it may be colored.

The core may be cylindrical or it may have lobes, and it may either be transparent or opaque.

Sometimes there is little twist to the marble and the strands will be rather straight.

Solid colored cores often have strands on their surface, either straight or twisted around the core.

Sometimes these strands "float" well above the core; in such cases the marble is considered "trilevel." The most common core colors are yellow and white when the core is solid colored; otherwise a wide variety of colored bands may comprise the core.

These are rare because most marbles from the end of the cane were mis-shaped or just not very pleasing to the maker, and were rejected.

Beginning-of-cane examples are harder to recognize but have a design that seems to come out of one end of the marble.

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