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All treatment options provided in this article should not be taken as specific advice, but rather as a general guide regarding what is typically done to treat the injury being described.You should always consult your doctor before beginning any pain management or rehab program. Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets bruised his knee on Wednesday, February 18th against Philadelphia and felt limited by it during Friday’s game at Chicago.Lamar Odom also suffered a similar injury to his right knee earlier in the year.A “bruised bone” typically refers to bleeding that occurs under the tough fibrous covering of the bone called the periosteum.Many different therapies can be used to treat pain, break up adhesions (scar tissue), or stimulate healing.The reason the Mountain View Pain Center prefers to use microcurrent therapy for this specific injury is that this particular modality has all of these benefits, thus decreasing the amount of time and money the patient would need to spend.When this happens the outer layer of the bone (most likely the femur), which is fibrous, breaks down. After the initial onset of the injury beware not to jump to the conclusion of a bone bruise, even if you are experiencing similar symptoms.The knee joint can support a handful of injuries and it is important to reach the proper diagnosis and to come up with the appropriate treatment to avoid future risks of injury.

This feature will rely on the expertise of Denver chiropractors Dr. Ihsan Erhuy of the Mountain View Pain Center in Denver, CO. Our goal with The Trainer’s Room will be to provide timely background information on relevant injuries as they occur in the sports world.This step may be very difficult for any athlete as they may be willing to push their body to the extremes to get back in the game.The reason we suggest rest in this stage is simple: the healing process is just beginning.This is done by doing a thorough exam of the joint.X-rays should be taken to rule out a fracture or any possible underlying pathology that could be masking the symptoms.

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