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While Murrow was in Poland arranging a broadcast of children's choruses, he got word from Shirer of the annexation—and the fact that Shirer could not get the story out through Austrian state radio facilities.

Murrow immediately sent Shirer to London, where he delivered an uncensored, eyewitness account of the Anschluss.

Their son, Charles Casey Murrow, was born in the west of London on November 6, 1945.

During this time, he made frequent trips around Europe.

Murrow gained his first glimpse of fame during the March 1938 Anschluss, in which Adolf Hitler engineered the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany.

April 25, 1908 – April 27, 1965) was an American broadcast journalist. He first came to prominence with a series of radio broadcasts for the news division of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) during World War II, which were followed by millions of listeners in the United States.

During the war he assembled a team of foreign correspondents who came to be known as the Murrow Boys.

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