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Go after the vocabulary you want, pick up real expressions, and absorb the textures and details of language in a way that traditional textbooks simply cannot provide.

Here are a few tips to make language learning a habitual, integrated part of your life. For those of you who watch illegal sports streams (YES WE KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE), have you ever tried watching a Portuguese stream, or a Spanish one?

will find a wealth of terrific recipes in other languages.

If you like yoga and live in a big city, there’s a good chance that there’s a class in your language.

And don’t be afraid to chat to yourself in the language you’re learning: everybody who’s ever learned a language has done this at one stage or another.

It’s perfect for building your confidence, trying out new words, or practicing a structure so it becomes second nature.

While you’re walking the dog, listen to that foreign language podcast. Practice can be as small as a few words here and there: You can help that Russian tourist in their own language, or insult the other soccer team in Spanish.

If there’s really nobody around who speaks the language you’re learning, check out remote options via Skype, a chatroom or forum, or join a Facebook group that uses the language.

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