Diy updating electrical consolidating secured debt

this may increase the past cost of the job by as much as a breaker.

John(the owner) did a very neat and clean 200 amp service upgrade for me at my home in richboro, pa.

We had an electrical problem with a faulty wire from the pool breaker to the pump. on 11/9/14, as of today 12/22/14 We only have a pole in the ground. due to a child support issue so he could not buy our materials. Then he said he still did not have the permit and needed 0. He said that today 12//22/14 there would be 3 people at our house by 8-am, tried contacting him & no response.

The electrician came out and noted out Electrical panel was not up to code. Electrician said work could be done within 1 1/2 wks-2 wks. The full service also included a new door bell installation, and two dead outlets being repaired. The company sent two less experienced persons to do the inside outlet repairs and door bell work. They did not test theirs repairs and had to be called back into the house from the truck. He quoted me 80It turns out he only put in a new 100 amp box, I am wondering what the price difference should be since I was quoted for a 200 amp??

These ideal connectors are not considered a good fix because all they do is contain a paste that is supposed to help prevent corrosion.

Over time, that paste can degrade and you’ll be in potentially worse shape than you were.

A GFCI outlet are designed to shut off power if water comes in contact with the electricity or the load of electricity becomes unbalanced, preventing a shock.

Improper grounding can result in loss of power, or much worse, fire. electricians think they can safely splice together new copper wiring, with the old aluminum wiring. When two dissimilar metals touch, a process called galvanic corrosion occurs, which causes one of the metals to rust much faster than the other.

I need to know what he did (and didn't do) and if he is over-charging me. A heads up the material on a simple one is about 800$ our cost.

mike did the all of this in 4day and it was done right just like i whanted did have to call anybody elsa job was up to texas code and pass the inspe.i well use this guy on more job to come he is also doing my barshop panel from a100 amp to a 200 amp charge me 600 bucks to change and put 2 spret panel for my shop cal him for all ur ele job need real nice guy Just a note on panel upgrades.

For a majority of the states electrical code panels (2011 National Electrical Code), when upgrading a panel, a majority of breakers must be replaced with the Arc-Fault type.

We charge on the difficulty on the outside and if your existing panel is loaded up and how many circuits.

The arc fault breakers are expensive about 45$ our cost and required in all circuits except garage and bathrooms.

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