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"Since 2012, as part of normal security enhancements, we have made significant upgrades to our database and encryption to prevent breaches and increase password security, Yan said."Specifically, at the end of 2012, we changed our password hashing algorithm from SHA1 to bcrypt." In addition to resetting your password, you are also advised to change your passwords on other online services and platforms as well, if you share the same credentials.While tracking botnet activity on their honeypot traffic, security researchers at Chinese IT security firm Qihoo 360 Netlab discovered a new variant of Mirai—the well known Io T botnet malware that wreaked havoc last year.Last week, researchers noticed an increase in traffic scanning ports 2323 and 23 from hundreds of thousands of unique IP addresses from Argentina in less than a day.We will update you as soon as more details surface.

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Oracle has released patches for all versions of its affected products, so you are advised to install the patches before hackers get a chance to exploit the vulnerability to target your enterprise.The stolen data includes email addresses, usernames, sign-up dates, and last login dates in plain text for all 17.5 million users. Hackers also got their hands on passwords for about one-third of the affected users, which were salted and hashed using the weak SHA-1 algorithm.The company said the exposed user information dates back to 2007 with the most recently exposed from July 2012.It is still unclear how hackers get hands-on Disqus data.San Francisco-based Disqus is still actively investigating this security incident.

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