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Clearly, we need someone to challenge the incompetent fool who currently occupies the White House, but, hopefully, that person will have the ability to manage the country.Julián Castro could not carry Trump’s lunch.—Richard E.7, I was so excited to read about the Tricentennial, a Ferris wheel, a climate plan, a baby killer, etc. Oh, well, I guess a tribute to this day doesn’t rise to the level of importance as those front-page items.—Tony Petri less While it may be Monday morning quarterbacking, I am curious why, in San Antonio, the important thing seems to be not what you know but whom you know when it comes to getting appointed to high level positions. Why was Edward Benavides chosen in the first place? Since he was Sculley’s pick, did she appoint someone to keep track of what the commission was or was not doing? Then we see Wonder Woman, smartly sporting her Nancy Sinatra go-go boots, Victoria’s Secret bustier with matching headband, showing great legs and cleavage, brandishing her “tell me the truth” magic rope, ready to fight the evils of the universe. —Gene Elder less Take note of the decision to remove the Christmas tree from Alamo Plaza, and think about those in charge of reimagining the Alamo experience. And pivoting on the obvious need to remove the carnival of commercialism on Alamo Street, those in charge want the battleground to be a place of reverence, not the urban plaza where we celebrate Christmas and watch the Fiesta Parade, or simply a place where we stroll and take pictures of ourselves in front of the Alamo.If San Antonio is ever going to be a world-class city, it must start getting its priorities right. The reimaging is for tourists, not the citizens of San Antonio. to follow another country’s lead in quantitatively reducing violent gun-related crimes and removing guns from our societal portrait?

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At Walzem Road and FM 1978, you could die of old age before that light changes — and the next half-mile north is the same.Finally, the long nightmare of giving the city of San Antonio millions of our county tax dollars for idiocies like the San Pedro Creek project so people who can afford to live downtown have a nice place to walk is over. They are using top contractors, it’s a brand-new building, and it’s cheaper than this CPS renovation. A total of 0 million for cheaply renovated, ugly old buildings? Where is the mayor and City Council to halt this lunacy?Nelson and Paul just love to spread that enormous pile of money they sit on. Maybe they can hang out at the old Alameda Theater, which represents millions more of our county tax dollars given away.—Jack Hardy, Adkins less Re: “CPS Energy’s new HQ could come in at 0 million,” Business, Nov. CPS should tear down these horrid, dilapidated structures and construct a new building. Unlike CPS, they seem to know what the heck they’re doing.The man runs his mouth off before his brain gets in gear.He is a disgrace to this great country of ours.—Valentin Lopez Jr.

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