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Bitcoin was the first successful cryptocurrency after it came online in 2009 as a "peer-to-peer electronic cash system." By allowing people to transact with one another directly, without a middleman, cryptocurrency is highly disruptive and anticipated to grow leaps and bounds in coming years.It may seem kind of silly, but the narcissist, the one so focused on how great they are, is actually profoundly wounded. If you don't give it to them, get ready for a serious conflict. They may seem pragmatic, successful, intelligent, and driven at first, but eventually they demonstrate a desire to one up, brag, and self-promote. I absorb what other people are feeling it and feel it as if it were my own. This narcissist seems lovely at first because they display incredible care, affection, and perfection to you in the beginning. They act like nothing can possibly hurt them and that your duty in life is to make them feel super great about themselves because they are, after all, the best.

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    From this beginning, the police were never able to shake off corruption, its smell never escaped the corridors of power even though some introduced 'sweeping' and 'special teams' to eradicate it --- they were not successful, and never have been.

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    In an affidavit presented to the board, Pitino said he doesn't dispute university officials' right to fire him."But I vehemently reject its right to do so 'for cause.' I have given no 'cause' for termination of my contract," he said.

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