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For the past 3 months, fans uncovered the mystery of how Lola, Ruby Red Daisy, Venom, Diamond Ice, Valencia Vital, Raizer, Mindblow, Switch, Roxy Vanburen, Lady Las Vegas and Kaorie Couture were recruited as Siren Assassins.In the second video, they talk about the thinking and creative process for their new album "Thanks for the Falcon" that will be released on May 16, 2012.Here are a few tips Scrolling your feeds endlessly can have a serious impact on your posture and alignment."Since 2008 or so, I've seen a lot of heads and shoulders hunched forward," says Kim Fielding, a former dancer who created a Pilates class specifically to counteract the effects of technology.The finale contained surprises like recording group, "Electric Red", who gave a sinister performance.

She performed one of her tracks and stressed that "black was the color of the skin", which tied in well with the black fabric and costumes.

Dancers are constantly wearing loads of makeup (and sweating in said makeup), which can wreak havoc on your pores.

Take this downtime to pamper yourself and refresh your complexion with our favorite detoxing face masks. performances, we know you'll make time for some good old-fashioned binge-watching.

Second would be Jamal Sims as he had me believe in myself and gave me my first dance job (Hannah Montana - "The Movie").

People always as me why I do it and shouldnt I protect my choreography.

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