Deep sea core dating

One must be especially careful when evolutionary/uniformitarian scientists claim ‘agreement’ between two or more ‘independent’ dating methods and/or data sets.In regard to each annual layer counting method, much could be written to show that Seely misunderstands the methods.

All late ‘Cenozoic’ climatic data sets, including deep-sea cores, must (according to the reigning paradigm) follow this assumed mechanism, which has innumerable problems.

He must have misinterpreted my statements because such constraints on annual layer thickness .

It is like numerical analysis in which a first guess is required to begin and then successive computer iterations change the first guess somewhat to arrive at hopefully the correct answer.

Although dust bands are generally annual today, this does not mean they were annual in the past.

The period between 12,000 and 110,000 years would correspond to the Ice Age—a very dusty period with a unique climate.

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