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@Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel And Daley’s gesturing for me to follow him, and suddenly we’re out a window and heading up a motherfucking fire escape.

21 Feb @Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel We’re on the roof of City Hall.

It not only spoke to our previous projects (Rob: IN. At its heart, netprov is playful, democratic, anarchic, and imaginative, traits that direct Wittig’s work and populate his poetics. I’ve connected the dots between these far-flung projects and tried to combine the best ideas from each into a resilient new formula, projects such as: A cobra escapes from the Bronx Zoo in March 2011. 28 Mar @Bronx Zoos Cobra A lot of people are asking how I can Tweet with no access to a computer or fingers. The project follows the natural life cycle of the medium.

Throughout this article we will take turns at the mic, echoing the dialogic nature of our work on this new form. Hours after the news story hits the media, the cobra begins to post messages to Twitter. During the hard-fought 2011 election to replace long-time Chicago Mayor Richard M.

Of course, he’d better get used to improvisational parody if he’s going to be mayor of the former “Second City.” The project turns out to have been created by Chicago writer Dan Sinker.

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Which is why this next project, on the other hand, has almost all the characteristics of the potential new art form.The wind is fucking strong and the snow stings when it hits my face. 21 Feb …@Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel It’s so warm and beautiful in the dome–green everywhere–and the air is pungent with the smell of… 21 Feb @Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel He hands me a small pinch of powder and the sharp taste of celery salt crosses my lips. 21 Feb @Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel And it’s then that I notice for the first fucking time that, nestled amid the stalks of celery are three modest headstones.21 Feb @Mayor Emanuel Rahm Emanuel Daley points to the headstones. Harrison, Washington, Dad.” He chokes up on that last one.According to her account the first period of the game was taken up with doomsday scenarios, but the last part of the game saw the rise of collaborative problem solving. We both organized Ped Parties on our respective coasts. …Anyway, after I drew up the map with people’s prospective walking and biking distances, I wound up having to choose a rather unlikely location – a German restaurant I’d never been to before. So my friends and I hung out, somewhat sweat from how we got there, with folks in full pirate gear.The game leaked out into real life: mpathytest writing in World Without Oil Last week, Emil and I came up with our first crazy experiment for changing our everyday lives in a world without oil. There’s only one rule for a Ped Party, and it’s very simple: you have to walk (be a pedestrian) or bike (pedal pedal pedal! …turns out this restaurant was also hosting some kind of a Pirate Party. I tried to discreetly take some photos, but they didn’t turn out so great because I thought it might be rude to be taking tons of flash photos of the pirates like they were freaks, when really, they were actually pretty cool!

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