Dating younder guys

Im 27 and every time I develop interest in a guy i later finnd out he's 24 or 23 or sometimes 22! Its like they dissapeared from earth or maybe Im just not attracted?The first guy I properly dated was exactly a year younger than me (we shared the same birthday, I thought it was meant to be) and the last guy I dated was four years younger than me.I recently found out that a musician I have a crush on is 21. However, women dating younger men isn’t weird to me – my dad is younger than my mum, my uncle is way younger than my aunty and my brother is younger than his wife. Me and my best friends have a running joke that we always fancy hot, younger guys (We’ll always have a thing for fresh-faced indie boys, God love ’em). ) and thought I’d increase my age limit to 39 to see if there were any silver foxes about. You could smell the desperation through the phone – it was like they had their mum breathing down their necks asking for grandkids.Which is why it baffles me that it’s always assumed that it’s only men who like their partners young. (I’ve always had a thing for Patrick Dempsey.) Holy. ‘I’ve dated older guys who have gone in way too hard way too soon with talking about getting married,’ agrees Katherine, 25. It didn’t take long before I moved my maximum age back down to 34.

The truth is that in most hillbilly homes you’d be lucky to see possum on the table two or three times a week.

If you need lessons on how to skin a possum or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty then you should probably just go to Wal-Mart or someplace and buy yourself some Possum Treat, that way all you have to do is open up a can and you’re eating possum.

Once you get your possum skinned out and cleaned you will need: Put the possum in the pot with just enough water to keep it from burning, cover with a good tight lid.

We always have possum less than three days out of the week at my house.

Once I was in Brooklyn and a guy from Staten Island asked me if it were true that “you people” eat possums.

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