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Unvaccinated pets from rabies-controlled countries (see step #7) under the age of 15 weeks cannot enter the UAE.Puppies and kittens from high-rabies countries cannot enter the United Arab Emirates until 27 weeks of age.No sooner than 21 days after your pet's rabies vaccination, you must apply for an Import Paper from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment either in person or online in advance of your pet's arrival which is valid for 30 days from the date issued. If you are returning to the UAE with your pet, it will need a Re-Entry card instead of an import permit.Unless your pet is originating from one of the countries that the United Arab Emirates considers rabies-free or rabies-controlled (see step 7) after living there for 6 months, your pet will have to under go a rabies titer test.Vaccination card/certificate is required for each pet, clearly displaying your pet's current rabies vaccination, including the vaccine's manufacturer, batch number and expiration.The rabies vaccination must have been administered between 21 days prior to arrival in the United Arab Emirates and not more than 12 months prior to arrival whether it is a primary vaccination or a booster.

An original Veterinary Health Certificate for the United Arab Emirates must be by the government of the exporting country responsible for the import and export of animals.Pets leaving the UAE do not need a rabies titer test to return as long as their rabies vaccination does not expire before they re-enter the country.Pets returning to the UAE must be accompanied with a copy of the veterinary health certificate issued when exiting the country.For pets transiting by air, a transit permit is required.All dogs must be leashed and muzzled when in public places.

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