Dating the newly divorced man

My feelings for him became overwhelming and I worried I'd have an affair with him — or at least try to.I stopped seeing him, but because of him, I knew that I was capable of feeling that way.But after our third date, he told me he wanted to wait until we were married. Plus, he was a supportive friend, so much kinder than anyone I'd ever known.He volunteered at homeless shelters and sang in the church choir.

We kept right on trying for weeks, for months, for years, and kept right on failing.

Mike and I had recently moved to a new town and Sam happened to live a few blocks away.

Ever since college, I had been attracted to Sam, but one of us was always attached when the other was single. He was extremely open about sex and obviously experienced.

And after so many tries with Michael, I knew we just weren't meant to be.

He cried horribly when I told him it was over, but he also didn't seem surprised.

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