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För det första ska man veta att statistiken ändras till metod och innehåll.

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Echoing the finding by Szabo above, Jackson noted that this immigrant-native dichotomy is especially high in large, urban centers were immigrants live in depressed housing and social conditions.Igår exploderade en bomb och ytterligare ett mord skedde i Malmö.Och media blåser upp det stort som sker i Malmö, medan Avpixlat som vanligt pratar om katastrof och gnäller på invandrarna.In addition, a sizable portion of this figure represents foreigners who have been imprisoned for illegal immigration only, rather than for domestic crime (Tournier & Robert, 1989).This issue has also become highly politicized, with the National Front party running on a platform which blamed immigrants for France’s crime problem (Guyomarch, 1991).

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