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Should those conditions not be met, aliens will not be allowed to enter the Romanian territory, although they might have previously obtained a Romanian visa.

According to the provisions of GO 194/2002 concerning the regime of aliens in Romania, republished as subsequently amended, the Romanian visa is granted by Romanian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

The American weapons are being moved to the Deveselu air base in Romania, the source said.

Deveselu, near the city of Caracal, is the new home of the US missile shield, which has infuriated Russia.

Aliens having entered the territory of Romania with a long-stay visa may apply for the extension of the right of temporary residence and obtain a residence permit.After several hours, the State Department said the issue should be referred to the Department of Defense.EURACTIV will publish the Do D reaction as soon as it is received.As to the states or territorial authorities that are not acknowledged by Romania, visas shall be granted at request, on uniform forms, regulated by the Government Emergency Ordinance No.94/2008 on establishing measures regarding the issue of electronic passports and of other travel documents.

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