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If he confirms a trend he deems fascinating, he’ll turn it into a blog post, using infographics, interactive photos, and requisite blogger snark.

Ok Cupid is home to many users—membership is currently 3.5 million across the country—and Rudder says he has captured a representative sampling of America.

And his monthly blog, Ok Trends, which he launched last year, is suddenly one of the most popular Web destinations—2 million people have visited in the last six weeks—for fans of fascinating data about how we live and love.

Rudder is the gatekeeper of the trove of data that have been collected by Ok Cupid since its inception in 2004.

His job is not to pair one lovebird with another (other staffers manage the matching schemes), but rather to parse the data given in user profiles into little pieces, and then reassemble them in compelling and often quirky ways.

“We’ve collected one of the largest, most thorough databases of human interaction ever, and I have to make sure that what I’m writing about maximizes that resource,” says Rudder.

Fiore, a media expert at Michigan State University who studies online dating.

“Claims like ‘Oregonians tend to be more gay-curious than other Americans’ are suspect ...

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Probably not.”Rudder is the first to acknowledge that he’s no scientist but rather a data interpreter who knows how to entertain.

For example, black females only get responses to a third of their outgoing messages, compared with nearly 50 percent for nonblack women.

“It just seems like they are massive outliers in terms of how many messages they get sent, and how many people respond to their messages,” says Rudder.

People who own i Phones have more sex than people with Black Berrys.

Atheists have the highest writing proficiency of any religious or nonreligious group.

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