Dating newsletter templates

A report from i Contact also found that almost 40 percent of these businesses find reasons to email their entire list of connections at least once a week.

Providing a snippet of the text and inviting recipients to read more on your website or blog is a good way to avoid text-heavy messages and also to drive traffic to your website.

MJML was built as an open-source framework from day one to ensure everyone can benefit from it, but also to allow everyone to make it better.

We’ve already received many contributions from the community, including templates like Arturia and Proof .

This mean they’ll be quite judgemental towards your email: 80% of people out there would delete a message thatdoesn’t look good on their mobile device, hence the importance of using responsive email templates.

However, building a responsive email template can be confusing, if not just tedious. Now, with MJML, building responsive email has never been easier. Thanks to its template gallery, you don’t even need to start from scratch!

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