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It comes before the final verse and goes: Why she looks at you so coolly? She comes in incense and patchouli So you take her, to find what's waiting inside The year of the cat. The timeline of this song paralleled the beginning of the end of my parents marriage and they were divorced by the following year.

My wife and I saw Al some time in the 80s I believe at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. I have to wonder if the song is not about the year of the cat itself, but a girl born in the year of the rabbit/cat?

listening to this song laying on the couch with your earphones in and eyes closed - amazing.Like Judy in Virginia, I got married in the Navy, and like her, I lost my spouse a few years later - she loved this song, so hearing it these days has a whole new set of attachments for me. I had only heard the radio version of this until recently, so I didn't know about the additional verse. He is fantastic at what he does, and does not need the limelight. This song was popular when my husband and I met in Japan when we were in the Navy. Recently lost him and this is one of the songs that was played at his funeral from me to him. So for me now and forever 2016 will always be the Year of the Cat. I'm 42 now and yet still everytime I heard this song I'm flooded with emotions no other song could ever compare to.I'm sure there are others here who also didn't know it. Kind of cryptic that such an upbeat, and melodic song like "Year of the Cat" evolved from such a dark situation. You evolve and share the evolution with the world good or bad. This song became one of our songs as when we heard it we would reminisce back to when we met. The incredible beauty of the instrumentals and lyrics as well as an intuitive sense that this song gave me the my very first introduction to grief and sadness, the type of grief that runs through every inch of your soul and is a part of you until you take your very last breath.The same week it entered the Top 100 another 'Stewart' held down the top spot, Rod's "Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)" was in its fifth week at being #1... Stewart, born Alastair Ian Stewart, will celebrate his 69th birthday this coming September 5th, and Rod turn 69 one month ago on January 10th.A magnificent song.has everything- compelling narrative, infectious melody, wonderful instrumentation (particularly when the strings come in after the bridge).

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