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Therefore we do have a larger percentage of women in our Club, obviously the conversion rates vary by Membership type.The good news is that men and women look for sex online in about equal numbers, so your odds of finding someone suitable for you should be pretty good, whether you're male or female, however this is all dependant on your profile, how attractive it is to the opposite sex, it is after all up to them to want to meet up with you.The same applies to parties held at either our home, the Club's premises, a hotel or another Member's home, they all cost serious money to host and each person has made that possible by paying for Membership.We have invested 21 years of our lives into our Club and website and we ourselves dig deep into our own pockets every month to ensure the Club and website is properly run as far as advertising, parties and events go, so we don't really have much time for freeloaders.Futhermore we do NOT randomly hand out anyone's details to anyone else, we respect your need for privacy just as we take our need for privacy seriously.You will have to go and get yourself an e-mail address as payment confirmation, login details, introductions and profiles can ONLY be done via e-mail, it is not possible to sms.Our website is ALWAYS up to date, there are no expired profiles on the site.

All our Members are paid up Members and wouldn't want to meet someone who hasn't contributed.Hence this question, lol :) We cater for everyone, from 30's through to 70's.Human beings remain sexually active and interested if they choose to, regardless of their age.Our initial e-mail to you containing your login details and how to find your way around as a Member is simply way too long to sms.Besides when it comes to the time that someone is intereested in making contact with you, most people like to chat via e-mail first so we cannot help you if you don't have an e-mail address.

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