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(New Jersey had enacted its Domestic Partnership Act earlier that year.)In the fall of 2004, Andree and Hester got the devastating news that Hester had terminal lung cancer.In addition to worrying about her illness, Hester was concerned for her partner: Andree didn't earn enough as an auto mechanic to pay for their house.When one kid pulled a shotgun, the two arrested all three suspects before they could rob the place or fire a shot. After that, he made sure to arm himself with a second gun — his “detective’s special,” a snub-nosed Colt .38 revolver strapped to his ankle.“The ’70s were a different animal,” said Friedman, a Bronx-born De Witt Clinton High School grad and massive bodybuilder who could once bench press 400 pounds. Paired with his NYPD-issued Smith & Wesson revolver, he had 12 rounds at the ready.Hester recorded a video message for the January 18, 2006 meeting, and attendees urged the freeholders to act, but the five Republican men did not amend their previous decision.However, it turned out that ongoing media scrutiny and a public outcry had made a difference.Sadly, the pair only had a short time to enjoy the victory—Hester passed away on February 18, 2006, with Andree by her side.

He has been in 15 gun battles and shot eight perps, including the four he killed.

Though Andree had returned to her quiet life out of the public eye by the time the work was released, the film was nominated for an Academy Award, and she decided to attend the ceremony.

It was the bad old days of 1974, the South Bronx, and NYPD Detective Ralph Friedman and his partner, Robert De Matas, were working undercover, posing as cab drivers. He has been stabbed, broke his hand twice, fractured his skull, and was smashed over the head with a tire iron.

Following this denial, and with the help of the gay rights group Garden State Equality and other supporters, Hester and Andree's case drew widespread attention.

Though a private person, Andree found herself willing to speak up about the unfairness of their relationship being treated differently simply because she and Hester were gay.

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