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Adding wigs to the wardrobe adds more versatility to creating a look. I think it's funny that there are a lot of people who will express their dislike of "fake" things, such as hair extensions, makeup, breast implants, botox, etc. And I haven't started coloring my hair, either, even though gray is showing.... It's occasionally useful to have visible hair, but I'd rather not deal with the brain-squeezing and general fussiness.

I've talked to many of these types in real life and the hilarity is that, while adamantly maintaining the above stance, will think a bunch of chicks are really attractive or hot, while wearing any combination of the above. You've probably seen women who just look nice to you but have clip ins on their scalp. Oh, I hope it didn't seem like I was making a value judgment based on what someone does or doesn't do! I suppose the point I was making is that some guys like natural girls and some guys like made up girls. otherwise they wouldn't really be hitting on me :). (My actual hair is long, voluminous, and very much extant - people have this idea that I've shaved my head or something.

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To my surprise, all of the other women chimed in to say they were also wearing fake hair (I think there were 3 women in the bathroom). Say you end up going home with a woman you've just met, who has pretty, long hair, and when you get there she takes it off and puts it on the dresser. I thought her 'do was neat and she instantly confessed she couldn't figure out how to get her hair into a beehive, so she got a wig. If I went home with a girl that I always thought had long hair and she tossed it onto the coffee table when she got home, yes, it would freak me out.

How the Dating Game Killer Evaded Justice for Years Photos History Lovers Club on Twitter Rodney Alcala is known as The Dating Game Killer for his appearance on the show while he was an active killer .What she wore was her choice, though, and I never was upset by the "fakery" going on, just the limitations imposed on other things by wearing fake hair.I'm a chick, so, I'm not your target responder here-- but I am wearing fake hair as I type this.Overall, I preferred her real hair, at least long enough for me to run my fingers through and play with.She might have looked more plain, but she was better able to play with me.

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