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Plus the main leads, at least to me, are not the best Korean eye candies, like Rain, Song Hye Kyo and the rest.

No funny scenes, no heart beating scenes, no ober romantic scenes. The only flashy thing in this drama maybe the BMW i8. No dragging scene, almost all scenes are substantial to the story. I will say this is far better than the popular Do TS. Maybe the only thing lacking in this drama is a killer OST.

This is one weird drama in the sense that everything in this drama is Korean stereotype: sickness, poor-rich cinderellaism, jealous sibling, live triangle and so on. You have to watch it to see it, since I do not like to give out spoilers.

Even the main leads are not the best eye candies, at least to me. Much better than the popular Descendants of the Sun. Very recommended, even for people like me who usually not into this type of drama. Every recipe in this drama is Korean mediocre stereotypes: sickness, rich-poor cinderellaism, love triangle and so on.

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Blown away This drama never stop making me cry with its each episode!! *Spoiler the road scene of Kang Hye-Soo and Oh Mi-Ran makes me cry so hard it was unforgettable and done amazingly!! Great role performance with this perfect story line.... this drama is super duper awesome, first time see lee seo jin in the drama, and i'm falling for him. (well i still don't get the popularity of dots, i stopped at ep 8/9) anyway, this is a MUST drama. but if he is single, then i wish he and uee would give it a chance. She has changed a bit in this drama, eyes are more relaxed although not enough. Yes i agree that Uee is kinda stiff in her acting in High Society, her eyes seem to be always staring at nothing i can not explain her eye direction it's blank. I liked how almost all the characters matured in their own way and grew. their chemistry was DAEBAK, I have never seen any couple with such a chemistry (didn't feel/see the age gap at all)! The only good thing there is the litle girl's natural acting. Spoiler::: He cheated and made Ji-Hoon's mother believe she was the only woman in his life.i will miss this drama...waiting for another drama for them...i think a bucket full of tears fall from my eyes from beginning to end..... The mum with her bad drinking habits and bawling about it. In my mind, you could not have chosen the two most deadpan faces in Kdrama and expect fireworks. Good Luck guys So far, i am falling in love with this drama.:) I salute you Director and Scriptwriter for creating an excellent drama. Your choice of pairing the main lead actors is just mind blowing. Lots of Love for Lee Seo Jin and Uee from Malaysia!!!! So I tried an episode, and then another and now I am avidly watching even raw new releases. I don't suppose they expected this drama to be such a big hit. The first episode got me hooked and icried my eyes out watching every single episode. I never watched any of her dramas beside You're Beautiful and omg guys , she is an amazing actor. But read at your own risk) And it is not weird that son and mom has 18 years gap.I really love this drama Kang Hye-Soo, Han Ji-Hoon, Cha Eun-Sung and Oh Mi-Ran's characters made me cry all the time by watching this!! Not fancy, no cheesy words like other typical K drama. Supporting cast, cinematography and direction outstanding. i only have 2 favorite dramas (la dolce vita & heartless city) and this has become the third one. the chemistry between them was so strong i can't help but hope it's real. I just finished it, and have to say Uee came a looooooooong way in her acting. But her sort of aloof persona in real life actually helped herin this role. Loved the storyline, the lil girl, the supporting cast. In High society, yes i feel her eyes are just Blank staring at nothing even if she is talking to another person. Aside from Ji Hoon and Hye Soo who's got a perfect chemistry, i like the character of Eun Sang, she's adorable she made me cry few times, and also The Chef remarkable he's funny. Here in MC, she changed a little, her eyes a little relaxed but not enough and is a little expressive, i have no problem in her crying because we cry in different ways. Aside from Hye soo and Ji Hoon (who is very charming with dimples) and their perfect chemistry, i like the characters of Eun Sung and the Chef! And I like how they didn't push love triangles too hard and focused on the natural progression of the characters growing and understand each other. and we all have to admit that the kiss scene was the best in all the Korean dramas!! I hope there's an extra episode,but they already release e new drama. This drama has been so great that I keep on replaying the previous episodes. Going to end watching it at ep 8 only, give up hoping for the better plot or act. Than she finds out she isn't but already is pregnant.But its so realistic and dramatic at the same time. Just finished watching, its going to give me some impact for the next few months. That child is so adorable, she made me cry in different situations. You know how some drama's the main gets sick but than their are so many other things like an ex comes back and they leave each other. Or murder, mystery thriller and the illness gets pushed to the background and only comes back near the end where one of them is in the hospital and they realize they love each other. But this drama showed a lot of the pain and more reality in a situation like that. it was kind of a REAL KISS, there was so much feels in it! The man love his girl soo much he willing to give up everything in life. That would be a great ending thou but hoping for better. Lee seo jin-UEE sweet-able and suit-able (it's my word. The loveable Lee Seo Jin and the sweetest UEE is a great a tandem. one of the best korean dramas i've seen for this year. Why do people always just treat the mistress badly when it takes two.

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