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Also, high disturbance measured at a single collecting area can skew the overall scoring or cap.The criteria for scoring DCs could adversely impact access to any collecting area, even if it individually scores "low," because the score will be averaged across all areas and applied to all of them.(SDMG and CFMS are working on a comment letter that other organizations can sign onto.Stay tuned for more about this joint effort in the weeks ahead.) Another meeting topic was the bureaucratic morass of Land Use Plan Amendments (LUPAs) and the processes guiding them, which are becoming increasingly complicated.(Download a print-friendly PDF of the presentation slide deck.) Read the Public Lands update » W (short url) Agenda for the Saturday meeting will include updates by council members, the BLM California Desert District Manager, five Field Managers, and council subgroups.At this writing, agenda for the October 15th meeting had not been posted.

Right: Final DRECP showing removal of DFAs, some of which were changed to accommodate Rockhounds based on comment letters. Thank you to everyone who signed onto the letter: The SGMNM letter will be our template for submitting comment letters going forward.

To learn more about what's in store, read Lisbet Thoresen's report on the Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) meeting held in Riverside in October 2016 (the report also appears in SDMG's November 2016 bulletin).

The future of Rockhounding in the Cady Mountains, Lavic Siding, Afton Canyon, and many other favorite collecting areas within MTNM's footprint is going to be decided with or without your input. Contact Lisbet Thoresen at [email protected], if you have questions, input, or you want to ask her to make a presentation to your club.

Overlaps and conflicting directives exist in multiple plans, including DRECP, WMRNP and potentially, Planning 2.0 initiative.

The issue of conflicts was visited several times throughout the day-long DAC meeting, because it touched on almost every topic and planning effort under discussion.

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