Dating an impotent man

I’m just not sure I want to, especially at something as important as creating good intimate relations with my partner.

Thing is, at a deeper level, I feel like perhaps erectile dysfunction is some sort of built in protection for aging men that our society doesn’t view correctly.

What I don’t seem to possess right now is a dick that responds by mere thought, not taking its sweet time to warm up to touch.

I have tried various holistic approaches to overcoming this erectile dysfunction deficiency.

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I've seen the dark side of the moon Have you seen the light side of your room ?

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Since I developed this basic problem, well over 20 years ago now (that my cock doesn’t jump to attention when my brain is horny), I have had numerous short-lived encounters, because there wasn’t a second date, or they expected me to act upon them when what I actually require of my partners is the opposite.

Blackberries, salmon, avocados, oysters and almonds, while all tasty and healthy, also did nothing for me.

Of course, trying these foods and hoping for results only confirmed what I already knew.

Frankly, this alone is enough for me to really want to go get those little blue pills.

I do know that I can cheat and make erectile dysfunction vanish.

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