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Then, we must write the SORT Control Card as : SORT FIELDS=(1,5, CH, A) In the data, 1 Agent can sell 2 or more insurance policies.

For example, AGENT-ID A6003 has sold both Policy-No 10 and Policy-NO 70. In that case, we can specify another secondary key, which comes into picture only when the primary key AGENT-ID is the same for two records.

The September magazine will have the next in the series on understanding restores. Backup operations frequently compress the data they back up, and that's the kind of "change" we're talking about: After all, the indexes can be re-created from the tables, they are redundant data (provided that the schema is backed up, of course).

The slow rebuild time may indeed be a real argument though, at least against the implementation being a worthwhile endeavor.

even though only a single page from an 8-page extent is allocated, it will backup the entire 64K extent), and it does it in physical order.

A restore is a physical operation, not a logical operation.

If you are comparing two Partitioned Datasets(PDS), the COMPARE should be PO.

Note : By default COMPARE control card has TYPORG set to PS.

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