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North Down Borough Council has provided HCC with a new home at Seapark.

In 1625, William Pitt was appointed as Customer of the ports of Newcastle, Dundrum, Killough, Portaferry, Donaghadee, Bangor and Holywood.

Holywood Exchange and Belfast City Airport are nearby. The English name Holywood comes from Latin Sanctus Boscus, meaning "holy wood".

This was the name the Normans gave to the woodland surrounding the monastery of St Laiseran, son of Nasca.

Records of the marine algae include: Polysiphonia elongata (Huds.) Spreng.; Laurencia obtuse (Huds.) Lamour.; Chondria dasyphylla (Woodw.) C.

Ag.; Pterothamnion plumula (Ellis) Näg.; Rhodophyllis divaricate (Stackh.) Papenf.; Coccotylus truncates (Pall.) Wynne et Heine.

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