Dana tyler still dating phil collins

“I still struggle with the idea of not living with my kids,” he says.“This is something that bothers me more than anything else, that I’ve been married three times and have five kids and I don’t live with any of them.” Another thing that bothers him is the idea that he’s a callous lothario.To this day there is the mistaken assumption that he instigated divorce proceedings by fax.Collins maintains good relations with his ex-wives (he and Cevey were divorced in 2007) although, as he points out, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all friends with each other.“We had a male following for most of the time and our wives and girlfriends travelled with us whenever possible, so...” Seeking satisfaction outside of his marriage wasn’t, as he puts it, “worth the eight seconds of pleasure”. I did it because I wanted to play the drums.” He smiles.“It’s an old trick but it sort of worked.” It certainly did: Genesis were even more successful as a three-piece with Collins as frontman than they were with Gabriel at the fore.Unlike those two rock wild men, however, who died in 19 respectively, Collins rarely if ever indulged in bad-boy behaviour, even as Genesis became a huge attraction across the globe. “It’s not about control,” he replies, “it’s about knowing what you’ve got to do.

I suppose my way of getting round that is to write myself out of the script and get on with normal life.” He might not be as omnipresent as he was during his heyday and he may have health issues (problems with his hearing and hands) but he says he doesn’t want to come across as a latter-day Tony Hancock figure. I bet right now Madonna isn’t sitting there with a Pot Noodle!

A copy of his new album, Going Back, with the sleeve photograph of a fresh-faced Collins, aged 13, playing drums, prompts a trip down memory lane.

He began his love affair with the instrument when he was six and given a kit hand-made by his uncle but he never dreamed he would become, through his tenure with Genesis, one of the world’s top drummers.

“Every article I read about me now is along the lines of me being re-evaluated and everyone coming out of the closet saying they like me and I don’t know if that’s true,” he says with a sigh.

“The Gallaghers probably still hate me.” He IS not entirely sure why he has been the subject of so much scorn. “I hear this or that about me and I think, ‘Am I really the antichrist of music? ” Years of relentless criticism have made him back away from the fame game.

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