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According to some historians, Theodosius I was the forerunner of the Byzantine Empire.Georges is a part of the cult group called "Μόρφω" [], who gather 12 times a year to organise ceremonies and respect a very rich calendar.Monotheism may still reign in Cyprus, but that isn't the case for Limpia.Here, polytheistic Cypriots gather to worship Dionysus.

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Sex is still taboo, whilst in ancient Greece that was not the case." In the end, polytheism doesn't impose rules on one's daily life, but merely gives suggestions to practical questions using ancient Greek philosophies.

Between sacrifices, the Golden Dawn party and Zeus, this small village has a lot of thunder.

In a small village situated 30 minutes from Nicosia called Limpia, which sounds a lot like ‘Olympia’, lies a temple dedicated to the Twelve Olympians.

They dress in togas like the Ancient Greeks and place milk, honey, wine and flower crowns on the altar as an offering, lifting their arms to the sky and praying to the gods.

When thinking of polytheists, we often think of meat sacrifices the ancients would give but Georges smiles: "Nature is the crux of it all, we don't make animal sacrifices." They don't have a bible and are not represented by a prophet, but their scripture is the 147 maxims carved on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

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