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event 55000 only capital province changes into province holders culture) event 55001 = Bring in some settlers event 55010 = A ruler is assimilated by the local culture event 61161 = Under House Arrest removed = Imprisioned event 70002 = Ends Grand Tournament (solves endless tournament glitch) event 75085 = Steward improves economy. event Wo L.562=Nymph Lover gets pregnant and leaves baby in the bush.

event 20000 = converts region's religion to rulers religion event 20048 = Choice between gold & pietyevent 20200 = Collects special titheevent 20410 = Gives levy reinforcementevent 20230 = Master builder (5%) event 39211 removes kinslayer Love and Homosexualevent 400 = Gives you the Pregnant trait, your husband is the "father"; however, it doesn't make you pregnant.event 401 = Gives you the Pregnant trait, your husband is not the "father"; it doesn't make you pregnant.event 402 = Normally fires when you are unmarried and pregnant; it gives you the Pregnancy trait and you lose 50 piety, although it doesn't actually make you pregnant.event 403 = Gives your wife Pregnant trait, you are the "father"; however, it doesn't make her pregnant.event 404 = Gives your wife the Pregnant trait, you are not the "father"; however, it doesn't make her pregnant. Otherevent TOG.3109 = your son want to join the varangian event 36005 = Suicide, (also event 26004, event 242) event 200 = your character calls a crusade event 300 = "I am a bastard" event, triggers other events.

event 4050 = "spy" event, gives lump piety, or prestige or martial temporary traits.

event 4055 = "dragon" event, choice between permanent martial bonus, 15 relationship bonus from vassals, temp prestige bonus,and a bad option.

event 6020 = gain lunatic event, but lose stressed and depressed traits event 6021 = lose lunatic trait event 6030 = gain possessed trait (non-Muslim) event 6031 = lose possessed trait (non-Muslim) event 6032 = gain possessed trait (Muslim) event 6033 = lose possessed trait (Muslim) event 6040 = gain stressed trait event 6041 = lose stressed trait event 6050 = gain depressed trait event 6051 = lose depressed trait event 6060 = gain ill trait event 6061 = lose ill trait event 6062 = lose sickly trait event 6070 = gain pneumonic trait event 6071 = lose pneumonic trait event 6080 = gain wounded trait (also event 243) - useful for removing maimed trait event 6081 = lose wounded trait, gain scarred trait event 6100 = gain infirm trait event 6110 = lose infirm, gain incapable event 6111 = lose consumption trait event 6112 = lose slow fever trait event 6113 = lose camp fever trait event 6114 = lose plague trait event 6115 = lose measles trait event 6116 = lose smallpox trait event 244 = gain maimed trait event 245 = gain incapable trait event 61160 = lose incapable trait event 65046 = lose drunkard event 913 = Fabricate claim (Chancellor).event 923 = Master builder event (Steward).event 926 = Great philosopher event (Court Chaplain).event 927 = Makes you heretic.

event 20320 = Successful steal technology mission in the province where your leader is stationed.event 20392 = Random military tech improves 10%.event 20260 = Increase culture advances.

** If you fee there are any Pros or Cons that were not included in the list, please Email Me to help ensure the lists are as complete as possible (in the views of the users).event 6200 = "voice of jesus" event, lose 30 church opinion, gain temporary monthly prestige bonus. event 246 = improves characters martial skill: misguided warrior brilliant strategist event 247 = gain 1 martial skill​ event 248 = gain 5% bonus military technology growth rate for 1 year event 250 = capture yourself, do not do with out saving beforehand, as it's impossible to release yourself from prison.(Alternatively you can use the "play" command and imprison your character from earlier and release yourself then) event 255 = "unnecessary violence" event, lose prestige and valor.event 6223 = "voice of satan" event lose 30 church opinion, lose monthly piety event 6300 = give realm a new law, sets off chain of events event 6201 = convert 50 gold into 100 piety. event 260 = gain 5 prestige event 261 = soldier courtier appears in your court event 73009 = A destitute noble FROM a former enemy court ask for permanent hospitality event 600 = causes rebels to appear in your capital event 620 = crusade wins event 621 = crusade loses event 900 = converts any province where your leader is stationed to your religion , note that you can convert any province by appointing your character commander of an army and then moving that army to the province you want to convert event 901 = courtier in your court converts to your religion event So A.5350 = The Maid event chain event 10000 = "Merry men" event event 10101 = "Gate to Hell" event event 8342 = Find Holy Grail event, get 200 prestige event 8340 = find Holy Spear event, get 100 prestige event 8500 = starts crusader order, establishes castile barony under your control.Titles stay the same, so beware for renamed provinces either in Old Gods or by players. basically divine blood without the inbred and lunatic thingneg_diplo = Toggles sending of diplomatic proposals that will be refused.plots_known = Toggle plot visibilityrevolt = Changes succession laws.WARNING: Entering non-existing law will set it to none.techpoints = Adds 1000 tech points of each kind to player.

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